Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Inexpensive Ranger and Sizzix Storage

Being highlighted for my Stickles and acrylic dabber storage over on the Ranger Blog, as well as Tim's recent video about his storage cases has inspired me to document how I use plastic storage to store a large amount of Ranger and Sizzix product in a relatively compact fashion. I'm pragmatic, and cheap, when it comes to my storage so I use various plastic fishing tackles and storage boxes. Here's what I've found to work best for various sizes of Ranger products.

First up are boxes from Plano Molding, usually known for their fishing tackle storage solutions, though they have a craft line as well. It's the same box just with different colour latches. I use the 37xx series, which are all 14"x9" with varying heights and internal configurations, so they are perfect for stacking.
The 3700 (not available in the craft line) is perfect for Ranger embossing powders. It will hold 26 per container, and is absolutely the right height.

The 3780 is 2.8" tall and will hold 30 Distress Crackle jars.
The 3730 is 3.25" tall. That is the perfect height for Alcohol Ink bottles, as well as Pigment and Archival (new 1/2 oz. style) reinkers. As you can see, it will hold all 50+ alcohol ink bottles with ease. The rest of the space is Pigment Ink re-inkers. The alchol inks are arranged by earthtone/light/bright shades. In total, it  will hold 70+ bottles.

I also use Really Useful Boxes for storage. In the US you can find these at Office Depot. One issue I have  with their line is that the sizes vary wildly and so they don't stack well at all between different sizes. Still, I have found some to be idea; for storing Ranger products.
The 2.1L size holds all 2oz spray bottles, including Adirondack Color Wash and Perfect Peals Mists. You can fit 14-15 bottles per box.
It is also idea for storing Distress Stains, and dabbers as well since those are both shorter than the sprayers. You can fit around 20 Distress Stains per box.

Once nice thing is that because the stain bottles don't come all the way up to the top, you can stack the boxes on top of each other without putting the top on each one. You can't do then when using them for 2oz. spray bottles

Lastly, the 6.5L size, will hold 18 Sizzix Bigz dies with the lid on, 20 without the lid.


  1. Awesome storage solutions you have!! I need one for my Sizzix dies!

  2. Hi Ron. Thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment on my blog!! I really appreciate your thoughts.

    <3 Candy

  3. GREAT tips Ron! Love how you gave the exact product number and dimensions. What I've found is that so many of the retail plastic containers have a domed bottom, making it difficult to store bottles, so this is a great idea! I've also been looking for something for the AI's. I do kind of wish I could find something with a handle on top, though. As for stacking, I have found that Iris (can be found at Joann's) has a stacking bin in clear, both a larger and smaller size. I use the larger for distress stains and ink refills. The stacking option is nice.

  4. Thanks so much for the info-I typed "Alcohol Ink storage" into my search engine and your blog came up...this is exactly what I need and I have already ordered it-I was organizing my alcohol inks this afternoon and found that some had tipped over and leaked-I had to throw four of them away(what a waste!). This container appears to be a match made in heaven.